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The Trainer

The Trainer

It was late Thursday night, or rather early Friday morning. I was up late trying to work off some steam at the gym. This was my favorite time at the gym. I loved working on the machines when no one else was there except me and the night trainer. His name was Jaxon, and he was generally a laid back, unobtrusive guy. He was fairly attractive with a nice body, and a great ass, but he wasn’t a macho alpha male muscle-head with shit for brains. With dark brown hair and dark brown eyes he was just like eye candy. I was somewhat addicted to looking at him while I worked out. He sported some tattoos, which on anyone else would have made them look like a tool, but for some reason all I wanted to do was trace them with my index finger and lick every inch of his body. 

As I worked my body hard, lost in my own world, I didn’t notice as Jaxon locked the door and put up the closed sign. I gradually became aware of him watching me in the mirror. I was working on my glutes, and he was staring hard at my ass. Way too obvious I thought, and I decided to kick it up a notch to see how hard I could get his blood pumping.

With that in mind I got up and walked over to the mats and pretended I didn’t know he was watching. My heart sped up some and all I wanted to do was look him in the eye and invite him over, but sometimes the chase is what’s so exciting. I spread my feet quite wide apart, bent over at the waist, and put my hands on the floor. I then “walked” them forward until I was in the plank position. Instead of my feet being close though I kept them wide open. I knew, with my legs open like this, that my bodysuit wouldn’t be covering much, and he was getting an eyeful.

I did hybrid push-ups for a couple of minutes, knowing he was watching, imaging his cock growing in his shorts thinking about pinning me to the mat and using his cock on me. In the mirror  I watched as he walked up behind me. “Hello Ms. Leigh,” he said. “Looking good.” I paused with my arms straight, my back bent upwards. This position really pushed my tits together, and almost out of my bodysuit. He licked his lips. 

“Thank you.” I smiled. I bit my lip, and lowered my lashes. “I think I’m pushing a little hard though. I feel a cramp beginning in my thigh.”

“I can take care of that for you, if you want. You have to be careful with cramps,” he said, smiling back. 

“I think I’d enjoy that too much, but if you’ve the time, sure.” Exactly what else he was going to choose to do other than get his hands all over me I couldn’t fathom. 

He went to the office and came back carrying a bottle of almond oil. “This will help work it out.” He knelt beside me and put one hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me gently into the floor. I tried to relax but I was beginning to feel the flush of desire spreading through my pussy and when that happens I tend to make rash, irrational, and spontaneous decisions based on nothing more than my desire for satisfaction. I soon felt his slick hands kneading the flesh just above my knee. It felt wonderful! His strong hands were warm and the oil made them glide over my skin.

I felt his callouses gently abrading my smooth thighs and knew, right then and there, that I wanted those hands all over my body. I sighed deeply and his hands continued to rub. Slowly, he moved them closer to my ass. I knew he had a wicked ulterior motive but since it aligned with mine I wasn’t too concerned with that.

I arched my back and moaned deep in my throat. I felt his fingers dip between my legs, gently rubbing the fabric hiding my dripping wet cunt. I knew he’d done it deliberately, but I was in the mood. The exercise had awakened me and I was craving a strong, hard, cock between my thighs. I arched again, letting him know that I didn’t mind his gentle caress of my honey pot.

"You know, this would work better if you didn’t have all these clothes on.” I turned back to him, my eyes hooded and filled with desire.

“I agree. You should take mine off and yours as well. I don’t want the oil to stain anything.” And with that statement the ball was no longer in his court, it was fully in mine. It was no longer a ruse to get me naked, but a full on invitation from me that he’d been waiting for. 

“As you wish,” he replied.

Peeling the clothes from my skin, he ran his hands down my back, across my buttocks, and over my thighs. I heard him disrobing behind me and opened my eyes. In the mirror I watched him take his clothes off and the thick jut of his cock was impressive. A fully hard 9 inches if I wasn’t mistaken. I smiled to myself imagining him filling me full to bursting. “Excited, much?” I asked him. His smile was conspiratorial now. He knelt on the floor behind me and began to rub my thighs again. Knowing I really didn’t have a cramp he began to touch the other more delicate parts of my body. I heard a wrapper tearing and watched as he fit a rubber over his cock. Blushing a bit he continued to rub me.

He leaned in close and whispered, “You’re really going to enjoy this baby.” I knew I was and he didn’t need any reply from me but a gentle lift of my hips to give him better access. I watched in the mirror as he guided his cock into my pussy and the fit and feel of  him was completely perfect. The desperate stretching of my channel felt so good I nearly came right there on the floor. The slippery surface of the mat bade it kind of difficult to stay in one spot, but the feel of the oil covering both of us made it all the better. 

“I just want you to know that I really love this gym and the extra perks you trainers offer.” I joked. He grinned as he filled me faster and faster. Pulling me to my knees he grabbed my hips and pounded me deeper, faster, fuller. I moaned and reached beneath me to rub my clit. I reached my orgasm in mere seconds, and blessed that I am, I continued to stroke my clit as he stroked in and out of me until I exploded yet again. I was soaking in my own cum when I felt him teasing my ass with his finger. I looked behind me and smiled. “Honey it’s not there for the timid. If you want to fuck my ass you need to make it worth my time and effort.”

Supposing that was a challenge, Jaxon pulled out of my pussy and slowly slid himself into my ass. He wasn’t being timid. He wasn’t easing in like a scared rabbit with its first nibble of carrot. The feeling was amazing. I slid down to the mat, put my legs between his and held on as he fucked my ass like it was the the first tight hole he’d ever had the pleasure of slipping his cock into. I looked at him in the mirror and our eyes locked. “I love it. Deeper, pretty please.” I gasped out. Apparently he agreed with me.

Soon he was hammering into my ass, our skin making slapping noises with each lunge. Jaxon stiffened, wrapped his forearms around my chest, and pulled me even tighter against him. I felt him going even deeper into my ass now, and the force of his thrusts made my fingers work my clit harder. I screamed with my final orgasm and felt Jaxon stiffen and slam into me one last time. I squeezed my ass muscles gently and felt him shudder.

We stayed like that, breathing heavily, for a few minutes. Then he pulled out of me, rolled me over, and kissed me softly. “I hereby proclaim myself your all time personal trainer,” he said.

I laughed as I stood up and walked over to the wall to grab a paper towel. Coming back over to him I pulled the condom off and ran my finger down his chest. 

“Now that we’re sufficiently dirty and slightly warmed up why don’t we go in the locker room and rinse off? I could really use your magic hands to wash the oil off my back.” I wasn’t sure if he was surprised or elated by the look on his face and I decided that he had to be elated to manage scrambling to his feet as fast as he did. “No one’s going to come in here right?” I asked. 

“No. The door’s locked and honestly the only person who ever works out this time in the morning is you. You’re my only early morning weirdo.” He smiled as he said it but he was totally right. Two in the morning was the perfect time for me to go work out and always had been. I was a serial non sleeper and the wee hours of the morning called to my nocturnal senses. I grabbed up my clothes and shoes and headed to the men’s locker room and looked at Jaxon over my shoulder. 

“You coming?” I knew he wasn’t going to be able to resist spending some more time wrapped up inside of me. I wanted to feel him inside me again. He hadn’t lasted an exceptionally long time while he’d been pounding my ass and I hoped the second time around he’d be better able to control himself and his wayward orgasms. 

“Of course. I’d like to come over and over and over again too.” He said this with a smile and I just looked at him. Maybe he was a little bit of a meat head. 

We walked through the door to the locker room and I dropped my stuff on a bench and turned on a shower. 

“This time please try to control yourself. Remember that part where I said make it worth my time? This is the time you’re going to make it worth it. I don’t want a four minute fuck Jaxon. If I’m going to let you have my ass again you damn sure better make it worth it for me.” I turned around and dismissed him. I figured he’d get the hint. I wasn’t there to just let him get his, and I fully expected him to spend as much time or more time on my pleasure than his own. If he didn’t it’d be the last time his thick cock came anywhere near any of my holes again.

“Leigh, I’m gonna make it worth  your time. Honestly your ass is the first ass I’ve ever been in. Most chicks take one look at my dick and say hell no.” His heartfelt admission made me laugh. He did have a point. I’m sure the tight wet slippery hole he’d just been in had sent his poor little heart right into overdrive. 

The water was the perfect temperature and I stepped in under the stinging spray. The gym was equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers right in the shower. Personally I thought every gym should have them. I slathered my hair with shampoo and Jaxon got in behind me and I felt his hands invade my hair. I put my hands against the wall and tilted my head back and let his magic hands work their way through my tresses. He spent a considerable amount of time washing my hair and then turned me around and pushed me under the spray. Next was the conditioner and he didn’t let an inch of my scalp and hair escape his ministrations. It felt deliciously heavenly. 

“I swear to God. You are going home with me. I may chain you up in my shower just so you can do this every day.” I giggled as soap ran between my breasts and his hands followed the path it was making to my navel. 

“Baby there’d be no chains needed to make sure I spoiled you. The way you fuck? Damn girl just let me at that ass once a day and I’ll be your slave for life.” I was pretty sure he was serious, and I let out an even louder laugh. 

“You really like that don’t you?” I’d been with men who liked slipping their cocks in my ass before but none seemed as excited as Jaxon. His cock was rock hard in between us. It was like having a third person in the room both of us tried to ignore for just a few minutes. I was going to take care of him but I first wanted to see what he’d do to make me happy. 

His hands skittered over me and I couldn’t help the mewl of desire that leapt out of my throat. His callused hands caressed my nipples, pinching and twisting. His blunt fingertips trailed down to my pussy and gently rubbed between my legs. He reached up and put more body wash on his hands and then brought them back to my breasts. Feeling him behind me I arched my back and pushed my ass into his groin. He ground himself against me and all I wanted to do was beg him to fuck me again. I didn’t. I waited, eager, excited, breathless with desire for him. 

“Turn around.” His voice was hoarse, almost as if he was in pain. I wanted to feel him against me again. He tilted my head up and took my mouth in a searing kiss and I melted against him. I’d never imagined him being this delicious a fuck. I trailed my hands down his chest and over his stomach. I stopped at his hips, desperately wanting to touch his cock but knowing this breathless moment of denial would push him even further. I wanted to see if his control would snap. I wanted to see how far I could push him before he’d simply push me to my knees and insist I open my mouth and swallow him whole. I wanted to feel the thick length of his cock in my mouth. I’d yet to taste it and the bulging head looked like a fat piece of candy to me. 

The width and length of him kept growing as his need took hold. His mouth continued to assault mine and his hands were kneading my ass feverishly as he pressed his dick into my stomach. I knew what he wanted. I touched him. Slowly. Slightly. Just the barest of whispers of a touch. The fingers on my hand like liquid silk against the hot pulsing plank of his cock. 

The water skimmed over us, heating us even more than our passion was. My breath was coming in short gasps. I wanted, no needed, to feel some part of him inside of me and I figured if he wasn’t going to push me to my knees and demand that I suck him off then he was fair game. I grabbed him roughly by his hair and started asserting a little pressure so he’s get the hint. His mouth detached from mine and his lust glazed eyes focused on my face. 

“I want your mouth on my pussy. Lick me.” He didn’t have a choice. I trembled as he knelt in front of me and lifted my right leg over his shoulder before leaning forward and licking me. Gently at first he nibbled his way around my labia and my clit, his finger rubbed back and forth along my hole and I purred as his mouth finally found the right spot to latch onto. 

The deliciousness of his assault on my hungry cunt was nearly mind numbing. I wanted more than just his tongue, more than just his fingers. 

“Did you bring more than one condom?” I purred out. He nodded and I sighed in expectation and satisfaction. I wanted to feel him inside me. 

“Excuse me! Not really sure what the two of you think you’re doing but this is not going to work!” 

It was like a fresh icy glass of ice water had been tossed over me the way my stomach dropped. I opened my eyes and staring at us from outside the curtain was Steve, the owner of the gym. His muscled body was tensed and his lips were pulled down in a grimace. He was wearing a faded grey shirt and flannel pajama pants, and luckily he had no hair otherwise I’m sure it would’ve been shooting up in wild tufts all over his head. 

Jaxon stood up like a shot and turned towards his boss and hid me from view. 

“Sir!” That’s pretty much as far as he got before I rolled my eyes and elbowed him out of the way. Such a baby. This kind of a situation demanded swift and immediate action, and there was no better time than now to ensure Jaxon didn’t lose his job for fucking me on the exercise mat in the weight room. 

I slid along the tiles of the shower until my soaking wet form was pressed against Steve’s chest nipple to sternum. Never shy, I reached down and ran my hands over my nipples, across my stomach and down into my wet naked pussy. 

“I agree. This just will not do. Now that you’re here we can really have some fun.” Without further adieu I dropped to my knees and swiftly pulled down Steve’s pajama bottoms. It was pretty ludicrous for him to be skulking around in the middle of the night in nothing but his pj’s but I had a sneaking suspicion that he’d watched our entire performance in the weight room on some sort of video monitoring system. There wasn’t any other explanation. 

His fat cock bulged out in front of me and I was insanely delighted to see that it was a little fatter than Jaxon’s, although not quite as long. I made a huffing noise and motioned for him to slip out of his sandals so I could take off his bottoms all the way and the only thing he did was look at me like I was some kind of little green alien. 

“Oh come on. We’re going to fuck. All three of us. If I haven’t made that clear then let’s be clear. Take your shit off.” Really? I had to actually tell this grown ass man to take his clothes off. Any other man would’ve been throwing his clothes off like the fires of hell were licking at him through them. 

He obviously understood me because in short order he’d kicked his sandals and bottoms off and his shirt was sailing over his head. I looked behind me and Jaxon was a mere foot away breathing heavy with his cock slipping through his fingers as he worked it back and forth. I figured I’d put both of them in an extremely uncomfortable situation and then laugh my ass off watching them try not to touch each other. The lure of my mouth and my other delicious wet holes was too much, however, and Steve had no problem guiding my head to his cock and holding me there while he worked his dick in and out at a furious pace. The feel of the hard nub of his cock head hitting the back of my throat made my pussy quench with feverish desire and all I wanted was to have it filled to bursting with Jaxon’s cock. 

I mewled deep in my throat as the steam from the hot shower soaked all of us in sweat and water. I wanted more than just this. I wanted to be consumed, used, displayed, filled to overflowing with both of them. 

I pulled Jaxon up to the side of me and worked his cock with my hand and then switched. I wanted to tease the fuck out of both of them. I slobbered up and down on both of their shafts, alternating stroking with my mouth and stroking with my hand. Their inhibitions must have been thrown hither and yon because both of them were issuing expletive after groan at a furious pace. 

I smiled to myself as I felt the cum running down my leg and I knew that if I didn’t get my hungry holes filled up sooner rather than later I was going to cum all over myself and they’d miss me milking their dicks with the force of my orgasm. 

“I need to get fucked now boys.” The shower had lost its appeal as all three of us would have made a tight triple sandwich inside of the small stall. I was helped to my feet and pulled out of the stall and Jaxon toweled me off for a second before using his towel on himself and then passing it to Steve. 

I walked over to the long metal bench and looked it over. While not the most comfortable of fucking stations it would have to do. 

“Let me have the towel.” I demanded and Steve happily gave it over to me. I draped it on the bench and positioned myself on my back. “One in the pussy, one in the mouth. I hope you’ve got a good supply of rubbers.” I was a little bit of a wild child, but I wasn’t a total lunatic. 

Jaxon dug out a condom from his locker and handed over to Steve and positioned himself at my head. Bending at the knees he guided his cock straight into my mouth and down my throat. The angle of my head gave him unprecedented access to the full length of my hungry mouth. In and out he sawed his cock. I choked a couple of times but for the most part loved the feel of him fucking my face. 

The hands on my thighs were warm, calloused, and strong. They ran up and down my legs, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh repeatedly before a warm wet tongue invaded my pussy. I gasped as my clit was nibbled, licked, and sucked. I hadn’t expected the warm invasion of Steve’s tongue into my pussy and the feel of it sent me over the edge and I flooded his mouth with cum. Hands squeezed my tits, tweaked my nipples, and ran over my rib cage as I eagerly lifted myself into Steve’s mouth and wrapped my arms around Jaxon’s hips to hold him in place. His cock was completely submerged in my mouth and my nose was pressed up against his sac. I Held him there for a few more seconds before coaxing him out with my hands and arms. I gasped when he withdrew completely and screamed in pleasure as Steve’s hard cock finally made its way into my pussy. 

Jaxon knelt on the ground next to me and licked and sucked on my nipples. His mouth feasted on me as my hole was eagerly used. My pussy stretched to accommodate Steve’s thickness and the additional pressure on my G-spot was overwhelming. The sensory overload was all consuming and I wanted more of it. I wanted to be filled to overflowing. 

“Put a condom on,” I muttered to Jaxon. He looked confused but when he moved to get one I pushed up on Steve and he backed off. “Lay down.” The bench was laughably small and I knew it had to be uncomfortable for him but I honestly didn’t care one bit. 

The moment he laid down on the bench I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock. He slid so far up me I screamed in delight. My feet barely hit the floor so I put my toes up on his knees and rested my chest on his chest. 

“Grab my ass and spread it. I want Jaxon to fuck my ass. I want both of your dicks inside me.” I felt him still inside me and I knew it was because my desire, my words, were creating havoc in his brain. The mere thought of my acceptance of two thick cocks into my holes was probably pushing his imagination into overdrive. 

Jaxon wasted no time in getting behind me. He spit on my ass a few times and ran his finger down my hole and inserted it to get me wet. I was still open enough from his previous ministrations that it was easy this time for him to slip his cock in balls deep. I screamed as the fullness sent me to a place I’d not been to for a long time. Pure pleasure overtook me and words came out of my mouth that would’ve made a sailor blush and duck for cover. I begged, I pleaded, I growled low in my throat as both of them pushed in and out of me. I wanted, no needed, this fullness. I needed this pleasurable excess. I was reveling in their attention, their passion, their lust for my body. I raced with them to the precipice and I shouted my victory as I sailed out and over it. The heat of their bodies, the closeness of their hips, the feel of their muscled hands gripping me and pounding into me sent me over the ledge of pleasure into the land of delirium. 

I cried, the desperation of my cry made both of them pound harder. I growled at them to take it, use it, fuck me deep like a dirty cum whore and they both tried their hardest to make sure my pussy and ass were sore for days. Our bodies were hot and slick, feverish, covered in sweat and water. With one last thrust I felt Jaxon stiffen behind me and his balls pulled up and shot hot seed into me. Even covered with a rubber I still felt the heat of his ejaculation wanting, needing to invade me. At the same time Steve let out a shout of absolute victory and his cock bulged and twitched inside of me as he too let loose a steaming load of cum. 

I came. Hard, fast, deliriously long on them. My muscles clenched and I shook. I cried. I gripped Steve’s shoulders and hung on as the force of my own pleasure catapulted me into the nether world of sexual satisfaction. It was a zone I never wanted to leave. I crashed. 

I sighed as Jaxon pulled out of my ass and he came back moments later and helped me to my feet. Cradling me close to him we walked back to the shower together as Steve remained on the bench, his arms flung out the the side, his chest heaving, his cock fading and still wrapped up in a full condom. He didn’t care. His eyes were closed and if the grin on his face was any indication, death could’ve taken him right then and there and he would’ve embraced it a happy man. 

I leaned against the wall as Jaxon turned on the shower and again soaped me up. His hands were gentle, attentive, masterful as he washed me all over. His hands ran between my legs and I gasped as he touched my sore and vulnerable holes. He smiled as he looked at me and leaned his head down and stole a kiss. 

“I have never, in the history of ever, experienced anything like that in my entire life.” I just smiled a small smile. Of course he hadn’t. Few men would or could ever experience the full force, the full nature of a woman confident and accepting of her sexual nature and eager to use it and fulfill it. 

“I know.” I whispered to him as he shut the water off. 

“You look tired,” his voice was amused and I just nodded at him. Time for small talk was over. I was a night owl, but the exertion I’d just given in a desperate chase for pleasure had completely exhausted me. 

“I don’t know. I have just…” Steve’s voice trailed off as we stepped out of the shower and again dried off. Jaxon handed me my work out clothes and I just laughed as Steve tried to pull himself to a sitting position. 

“I trust Jaxon’s going to keep his job? You wouldn’t want to get rid of your best trainer, would you?” I asked. Steve just shook his head. 

“He’s definitely keeping his position. As for the two of you. No words. Just don’t do it in the gym again. I’ve got cameras in there and can monitor them from home.” I’d figured as much but having him admit he’d watched Jaxon’s first foray into my ass was a turn on as well. 

“You didn’t record it did you?” I asked. 

“They do record but trust me, it’s not something I want lying around so I erased it. I’d never put you in the position to worry about it though.” His green eyes bored into mine and I trusted that he was telling me the truth. Then again, if he’d had a copy I might’ve been inclined to ask for a copy just to watch myself. 

“Another time then, another place, I’ll have to invite the two of you over to my place so we can all get truly properly acquainted.” Steve nodded at me, his elbows on his knees as he sat there. I was pretty sure he was still a little weak at the knees and couldn’t dress yet. 

“I’ll walk you to your car,” Jaxon offered and I nodded at him. I liked his manners. Even though he’d just fucked me twice in the span of a few hours, and seen me at my most base and animalistic, his concern and politeness made me warm inside. 

The gym was dark, the evidence of our encounter still fresh on the work out mat. I knew he’d take care of the oil and everything as soon as I left and felt little concern as we made our way into the parking lot. The sun was still sleeping, dawn a few hours off as of yet. I knew I was going to sleep well once I got home. 

“I’d like to see you again.” Jaxon’s deep voice intruded into my thoughts and I just looked at him, my eyes hooded. 

“Perhaps,” was my answer as I swung the door open to my car. I pulled him forward and laid a chaste kiss on his lips. “Perhaps sooner rather than later.” I stated as I slid inside. He pushed the door closed and gave me a salute as I started the car and pulled out of the lot. 


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