Bad Girls Do It Better

BGDIB is a female owned and managed organization that seeks to lessen the risk for adult entertainers across the globe. We understand the special pressure that adult performers are under and the unique requirements they have in regards to their safety. The adult entertainment industry is a complex and risky venture. It is filled with a multitude of talented individuals and requires a high level of understanding and experience to insure safety and security are prioritized. Our staff is well versed in what is necessary to insure that you are safe regardless of the situation you are in. We excel in background investigation, organization, and client management.


Rae Monroe

Rae Monroe has been a fixture in the adult entertainment world since 2006. She is a well regarded retired independent companion. Her knowledge of the entertainment industry is from a true insider’s perspective. Her unique approach to safety, organization, and client relationships is what makes BGDIB successful.

Jessica Chapman

Rae’s wife, and business partner, Jessica assists with the bulk of client communication and background investigation. She is a retired performer, though not in the adult entertainment industry.